Does Apple’s 9.7-inch iPad Pro really can replace a Windows 7 PC?

At last week’s press conference, Apple called 9.7-inch iPad Pro Windows PC alternative devices. Tech blog AppleInsider published analysis saying, iPad is currently the most popular tablet computer, which makes businesses, developers and manufacturers of accessories for all it support, some need to be processed on the PC tasks can now be done on the iPad. Apple Pencil stylus and intelligent keyboard joined feel iPad Pro is a flexible piece of equipment, you can complete some “real” work. But the fact is, there are a lot of things on the iPad can’t do, gaming and productivity applications cannot run on the tablet. Moreover, the iPad Pro hardware but also limitations, only 32GB with low storage space, many cheaper notebooks are equipped with 1TB or 128GB solid state hard drive machinery. The article, even if users are willing to use iPad as a primary computing device, it probably is a 12.9-inch models. Before they can be considered a true notebook or desktop replacements, Apple iPad or other Tablet still has some work to do.

iPad Pro Review

First, we look at the factors in favour of Apple. Even if the market share decline, iPad is surely still the most popular tablet computer on the market. Its popularity makes enterprises, product key for windows 10, developers and manufacturers of accessories for all it support, access to a notebook or desktop potential alternative platforms needed to apply and all sorts of other support. Office Home & Business 2016 for Mac ( Product key + Download ), Many already required in processing tasks on a Mac or Windows PC, such as video editing, it can also be performed on the iPad. Microsoft even introduced the iPad version of the Office suite, this is Apple willing to promote the iPad application.

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With Apple Pencil stylus support, plus easy keyboard connected through a Smart Connector, iPad Pro really started to make people feel that it is a more flexible device, it can do some “real” work.

The simplicity of iOS devices are likely to have an intrinsic appeal. When you use it, you don’t need to worry about drivers, no complicated file system, much less malware threats. IPad is lightweight, window 10 pro product key, compact enough to into a shoulder bag or a handbag, especially the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Not an exaggeration to say that, it seems to be a tablet computer in 2001: a space Odyssey movies we have been committed to the kind of science fiction technology.

Compare with Microsoft Windows, Apple will also more thoroughly integrated into the cloud services in iOS. In the case of all configured properly, e-books, music, photos, documents, and even videos can be easily viewed.

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