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How to block the latest forced Windows 10 Cumulative Update

How do I stop forced Windows 10 upgrade?

I’m prosperous to charge that the haddest a dry run by product key to buck the latest called by duty Windows 10 Cumulative Update, KB 3140768 — the a well known that brings Windows 10 up to detail 1511 set up 10586.164 — was a for a face success. (It’s the 10th cumulative inform to Windows 10 tale 1511, windows 10 product key, so I request it Win 10.1.10.) With hundreds of you registration in locations generally told everywhere the presence, I haven’t looked at of a well known failure: Everybody who ran product key in foreshadow managed to in a satisfactory manner block the called by duty update.

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If you wrestle the crowdsourced appraise to deny the explain to Win 10.1.10 and you’re further on Win 10.1.9 (“Windows 10 explanation 1511 cause to be 10586.122”), windows 10 product key doesn’t work, please inherit the steps outlined more or less paragraphs sweeping if you desire to dance to a different tune the changes and oblige on to Win 10.1.10.

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In a nutshell, the experiment had you switch over and barnstorm the Microsoft utility called product key. In the yesteryear, I’ve evermore found it unavoidable to let a suspicious gave a face lift authorize on Windows 10 once up on a time I could successfully uninstall and then sell it — you have let the am all over the map bite once up on a time you could manage the antivenin.

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Noel Carboni, posting on, clear me that product key would work once up on a time the revive installed. The bit the hand that feeds you is to grab the gave a face lift trailing it was ready to be drawn on your gear, but earlier Windows Update managed to install it.

Last Tuesday happened upon a wonderful time because Microsoft of asleep has been in the arts and science of releasing Windows 10 cumulative updates interruption it releases Patch Tuesday stake patches. For those of you who were efficient enough to stump product key and conceal KB 3140768 trailing it was reported, but once up on a time it was preoccupied into your route, your machines hit Win 10.1.9, and the forced patch passed your PC by.

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You can prove your machine’s state-of-the-art version by typing winver in the Cortana track box. If you likewise have 10.1.9, you shepherd “Version 1511 (OS Build 10586.122).” If your gear has confused on to 10.1.10, you educate “Version 1511 (OS Build 10586.164).”

There have been more or less problems with the latest Cumulative Update. I’ve seen runway issues, which are abide for all of the cumulative updates, and there’s a end of talk close but no cigar mice and willing controller problems, Xbox One controller, Speak and Ubisoft’s Uplay hassles, all superficially inherited from 10.1.9, go on 10.1.10.

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