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How to use the product key to make Windows 10 Pro from Home version?

Question: After the recovery, it became WINDOWS10 Home, and I could not install WINDOWS10 Pro, what should I do?
Answer: To do that, take note of the product key!

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  6. What is the usage of the left-hand computer?

Upgrade from home to Windows10 Pro

Learn how to use the product key you’ve noted: How To Upgrade Windows 10 Home To Pro.

  1. Setting
  2. Updates and security
  3. Activation
  4. Change the Product Key
  5. User Account Control
  6. Enter your Windows 10 Pro Product key (enter the product key you noted here)

After this, it may take some time, but you can move to Home → pro.

Windows 10 Home and Pro Differences

It is very easy to understand on the Microsoft official page, so please refer to it. Windows 10 Edition differences (Source: Microsoft)

Is it worth it to change from home?

In all versions of Windows7, you can restrict Automatic updates and manually check for updates. But WINDOWS10 home (64-bit) cannot switch to Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) automatically.

To upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro, you’ll need a valid product key or a digital license for Windows 10 Pro for the device you’re upgrading. You’ll have a digital license if Windows 10 Pro was already installed and activated on your device.

A little sneaky way to get a pro version

WINDOWS 10 is expensive ($200) if you buy pro from Microsoft. Anyway, buy a secondhand PC with Windows7 pro, I feel good if you use the WIN7 Product key.

Windows 7 Pro Professional Product Key Code Global

Windows 7 Professional Product Key Code Global – $29.99

① to get a used Windows7 pro pc
② to make a note of the product key of the used PC
③ Install the PC you want to use as a windows10 pro with the Windows7 pro product key obtained from a used computer.

Please download/get Windows 7 install file disk here.

I recommend it with a guarantee if I buy a used PC

Purchase from the following sites is recommended. There is a guarantee, and there are a lot of one which sells the Widows7 pro, too. It is reliable when there is still a guarantee. Anyway PC and smartphone is pale compared to the latest in the advancement of technology even one year. Whether or not to buy, if you care about what kind of a used PC, I recommend that you take a look at the site above.

Updated in 5/5/2018. A better alternative would be: Buy a cheap Windows 10 Pro Keys from

Windows 10 Pro Professional Key Global (32/64 Bit)

Windows 10 Pro Professional Key Global (32/64 Bit) – $44.99

If your current running version of Windows 10 is 1511, the freely available product key allows you to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro is VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T. It’s not a free upgrade key for Windows 10 Pro, but just allows you to upgrade your system from home to Pro.

What is the usage of the left used PC?

  • Do you still use it?
  • Use a free OS?
  • What do you use it for?

I have a computer for children. The World wide kids’ English textbooks are also included in the use of personal computers.

There are things that I can’t do without my PC until now, but the English teaching materials I use on my computer were still covered in dust, but I’ve been using them recently. Anyway, WINDOWS 10 Pro is better than the home in terms of security.

If you want a PC to play even a little cheaper, get a used PC!

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