MacOS update Sierra fixes a problem with autonomy MacBook Pro (2016)

Earlier this week Apple has released an update to the operating system macOS Sierra to version 10.12.2. Update mainly aims to fix some of the problems encountered by users of the new MacBook Pro. Apple said that computers can develop up to 10:00 without recharging, but, in reality, many users report that they worked an average of 3 to 6:00. In the new version of macOS Sierra the company cleaned up the counter of remaining battery life, noting that he does not display the real autonomy. It is important to note that this depended on the counter that was run on the computer at the moment, so these figures do not always match the real time work laptop.

New MacBook Pro owners complained of problems with the operation of the GPU when the image on the screen of the laptop simply would halt, misconstrue and glow in different colors. If you encounter this problem, upgrade to macOS Sierra 10.12.2 should solve and it.

Another important correction in macOS Sierra 10.12.2 is the problem with the synchronization of messages with iCloud. When you enable this feature on another Mac system created in iCloud new folder containing the data files on your desktop and in your documents. But deleting system files from the desktop. After the update files will no longer disappear. Apple also fixed a confusion macos sierra 10.12 with the removal of old files that the system automatically unload the iCloud to free up space on your computer.

Other fixes and changes in macOS Sierra 10.12.2:

  • fixed a problem where the System Integrity Protection is switched on some MacBook Pro update end of the year 2016;
  • enhanced sound quality when you use Siri and FaceTime with Bluetooth headset;
  • improved application stability “Photo” when creating and ordering of books;
  • fixed a problem where incoming e-mail messages do not appear when you use a Microsoft Exchange account;
  • fixed a problem which prevented the installation of Safari Extensions outside the Safari Extensions Gallery;
  • added the ability to install Windows 8 and Windows 7 using Boot Camp on supported computers;
  • improvement in setting and MacBook Pro 2016 ¬†improving the reliability of Auto Unlock;
  • added the ability to take screenshots on laptops with Touch Bar by using “screen shot” or keyboard shortcuts Cmd-Shift-6;
  • the Touch Bar introduces the ability to put a string for handwriting Chinese text;
  • Fixed issue where emoticons with Touch Bar displayed on the display of the notebook.

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