Programmers into Apple in the Watch Windows 95, so you can conveniently take PC

With the computing power increasing of electronic equipment, this once popular Windows 95 computer operating system programmers for a now-hyun (Huai), Yao (Lian) (Wang) (Shi), following a 19 year old boy shortly before the Windows 95 “loaded” after in the browser, now let it run on Apple Watch.

Look at the picture above, Apple Watch small screen appears above the classic Windows 95 Logo. As of press time, the YouTube videos in less than 4 days playing nearly 900,000 times. For those users who have used Windows 95, might want to familiarize yourself with the operating system running on the Apple Watch is what kind of experience.

Has been moved to this video on YouTube

From hardware performance, Apple now Watch many of the PC is better than the last century 90 ‘s, but this does not mean that Windows 95 on Apple Watch will run more smoothly. In fact, the match start only 1 hour.

In this video posted on YouTube Nick Lee says, because Windows 95 is not suitable for running on Apple customized ARM platform has, in fact, need the help of simulators to complete this task. This way to let Windows 95 load for up to an hour in Apple Watch.

You can see from the video, in this small-screen Apple Watch operates on Windows 95 is not easy, so this project is likely to have little practical use, it is to meet the programmer more of your own little taste.

Nick Lee, it for it may also have an additional significance, as he left in a YouTube video introduction to a Web site, and the site looks more like a project and the recruit page. So, to hire in this way may also be a good idea. With the rise of media coverage and watch video, but don’t anybody this way to find suitable work.

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