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Three easy ways to Accelerate Windows 10 (PC or Mac)

Updating to Windows 10, some users begin to complain about its slowness. But this situation is easy enough to fix. Describe in more detail how to do it.


The most common cause of “inhibition” Windows 10-programs that start automatically when Windows is restarted. You can look at them in the startup windows the Task Manager. cheap windows 10 product key, Among the auto start applications may be such that you can exclude from Auto:

Branded utilities for scanner and printer from the manufacturer. Most likely, you’re not using them, and print or scan from familiar applications.

Programs-loaders (MediaGet torrent client, etc). Turn them on only when downloading anything, otherwise they run in the background, consuming system resources. windows 10 license key, Cloud customers. Onedrive at startup you don’t need when you’re not using it. Other programmes. In startup can “register” third-party software. “Proguglite” program, which you don’t know.

User-tracking program

About espionage Windows 10 heard many. Actually the OS privacy settings can significantly affect the performance of her work, so configure them correctly.

On The Start Menu

Located in Start menu live tiles are beautiful and quite functional. However, windows 10 key finder updating the displayed information, cheap windows 10 product key, they use system resources. Removing them from the start menu, or even better removing them, you can accelerate the work “dozens”.


Unoriginal or incorrectly installed drivers for hardware may well cause braking Windows 10. This is especially true for graphics, chipset and SATA.

Even if the ten fully automatically identified equipment, go to Device Manager in Control Panel, and check the installed drivers. If under “supplier” would be written “Microsoft”, download the native driver from the manufacturer’s website.

The graphics and sounds

Disabling «beauty», Windows 10 activation, you can improve the performance of the OS on the old PC. In Control Panel, click on “system”, hereinafter referred to as the “advanced system settings”. Go into the Advanced tab, find “settings” entry and click the settings button.

Three easy ways to speed up Windows 10 – CNET

In the next window, note the necessary items, customizing the OS to work for themselves.

Just do it and with sound design (Control Panel-Sound “).

Finally, it remains to add: don’t forget to check out the PC anti-virus. Malware often becomes the reason of slowness of Windows.

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